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The Avanto Accelerator is a pre-startup program that accelerates the transformation of ideas into business.

In the autumn of 2017, Avanto Accelerator will be run in two phases. The first phase focuses on teaming up and ideation, and after teams and ideas are put together, teams can enter the actual Avanto Accelerator program where business models and products are advanced with the aid of workshops, mentors, and peer-to-peer learning.

Participants that are students will receive 5 ECTS for completing the program.

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2017 Autumn Schedule

PHASE I: Ideation and Teaming Up

Phase I: Choose one or more

PHASE II: Avanto Accelerator

Note: All workshops start at 4pm (changes will be announced in the designated groups or the workshops).

Tue 10.10 Kick Off of the Avanto Accelerator Program

Laying the foundation for the program: expectations, the tools and get-to-know the participants & the team.

Tue 17.10 Lean Business Model

Learn the battle-tested roadmap, the lean business model, that helps build a startup strategically valuing experimentation. Business model fit takes place when a value proposition is embedded in a profitable and scalable business.

Tue 31.10 Validation of LBM - Build Traction

Get to know your customers, and validate the hypotheses of your new venture. Validate, iterate, learn. How will you prove the traction for your new venture?

Tue 07.11 Revenue model - Financial Questions

Budgeting and planning are important in traditional finance, but in addition to those, when building startups other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are needed for monitoring and validating. The revenue model is how your company will make money, how much will be charged from whom and how is value delivered? What does it take to become profitable?

Thu 09.11 Mentor Day / Feedback Fair

Meet and talk with different mentors for valuable guidance and feedback.

Tue 14.11 Marketing & Selling

A marketing strategy and go-to-market plan must address four crucial aspects: What will you sell? (solution & unique value proposition) Who will you sell to? (customer segment) How will you reach your target market? (distribution channels, partners, etc) Where will you promote your product? (marketing channels) B2B marketing, B2C marketing

Tue 21.11 Pitching

Pitching is communicating your startup in a compelling way in a short time (5 minutes). You need a great pitch deck, good stage presence, and a memorable story to stand out.

Tue 28.11 Funding & Future

Every startup needs capital, whether for funding product development, for initial launch efforts, acquiring inventory, or paying employees. The most successful entrepreneurs are the ones who think creatively not only about their offering but also about how to acquire cash.

Tue 12.12 DEMODAY

It’s time to showcase all that you’ve done to a panel of judges. Prepare a great and compelling pitch, pitchdeck and be prepared to show your demo or product.