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About the Avanto Accelerator

Idea accelerator with an arctic attitude

The Avanto Accelerator is a seed accelerator organized by the Business Kitchen, Oulu. In the 8-week program the teams’ ideas are developed, shaped and accelerated into viable products with identifiable customers. During the program teams will develop the skills which will enable them to succeed in working life and succeed as entrepreneurs. The program is structured according to the lean startup methodology and it will encourage participants to gather information from the market and test products rapidly. The Avanto will crystallize and shape ideas into a gems that are ready for the markets!


”Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.” - Paul Ryan The program improves its’ participants business skills and networks since it takes place in Business Kitchen’s coworking community. Simultaneously it helps entrepreneurs integrate into the entrepreneurial ecosystem to help launch startups faster because it is instructive to work side by side with people going through similar issues. Personal development will play a significant role in this program since teams with different skills are much more likely to succeed.

Connections & expertise

The Avanto Accelerator program offers you wide range of expertise – we will work together with product strategy, concepts, market plans, pitches, performance and much more. We don’t want to brag but our coatches from the University of Oulu and University of Applied Sciences are real experts and have the widest networks when it comes to business. This universities co-operation is one-of-a-kind even in global level.

Meet The Team

Anne Sorvari

Entrepreneurial Developer

Business developer who believes that entreprenuership is the best tool for getting things done.

Jason Brower

IT guy

Technical architect, software developer, and hardware advisor. I help teams understand how much time, effort, resources, and tools are needed to create your product. And when you don't have a product I help you learn how to design a site to express what you do.

Terho Jylhälehto


Business Planning and Developing, entrepreneur who has founded, bought and sold companies, economical calculations, funding, hands on knowledge how to run a company, good networks in Oulu Business Ecosystem

Sebastian Frey

The action guy

One of you. I am still closely connected to the student life and therefore keep things in balance. It is important not to lose focus and keep your actions organized. As the “foreigner” of the team I will apply a different view on your actions and challenge them. My expertise are the knowledge of different cultural backgrounds, endurance and determination.

Sari Perätalo

The organizer

I am driven by curiosity and I like to challenge myself in different ways. I am pondering type of person and wizard of organizing. My expertise are organizations, regional economics and policy. “When I’m quiet, those who don’t know me think I’m shy, but people who know me think: OMG, she is thinking – EVERYONE RUN, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!” –Minions.

Jukka Köngäs

Business developer

Arttu-Pekka Tavia

Business developer

Topi Haapasalo

Business developer

Veikko Tapaninen

Business developer